Puerto Rico is a unique jurisdiction in the field of banking law and collection as we have a mixed background based on a civil law system and common law principles as local and federal laws covering the subject of banking and collection.

Our attorneys have ample experience in handling day to day issues in banking law and the collection of debts in state and federal courts.

Specific services provided within this area of practice are:

    • Collection of Monies and Asset Recovery
    • Fraud claims
    • Litigation
    • Misplaced Promissory Notes
    • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Claims

Some of our attorneys’ most relevant achievements include:

  • The handling of collection matters for one of the Island’s largest rent-to-own retailers.
  • The handling of asset recovery matters for one of the Island’s largest Medicare Advantage organization.
  • Serving as lead counsel for one of the Island’s largest banks in the handling of lost promissory note procedures in state court.
  • The handling of commercial collection litigation on behalf of one of the Island’s largest bank.