Employment Law Compliance and Litigation

As a jurisdiction with no employment-at-will and a civil code law background, Puerto Rico has a significant number of unique employment laws and regulations that make human resources management and employment law compliance significantly more challenging when compared with employers in the US mainland.  Hence, it is important for employers to be well-aware of the local laws and regulations applicable to their business to make sure their work rules and policies are up to date and compliant with local laws and regulations.


Our Firm has extensive hands on experience who regularly provide preventive counseling to employers regarding compliance with applicable employment laws as well as litigation.

Specific services provided within this area of practice are:

    • ADA Compliance and Litigation
    • ADR
    • Administrative Procedures
    • Affirmative Action Plans and EEO compliance
    • Arbitration
    • Compliance Planning and Policy and SOP Development
    • Crisis and Situation Management
    • Discrimination Charges and Litigation
    • Labor, including Preventive Practices
    • Litigation
    • Puerto Rico Employment Law Compliance
    • Reductions in Force and Workplace Restructuring
    • Rehabilitation Act
    • Retaliation
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Title VII Compliance
    • Trade Secrets, Non-Competes & Workplace Technology
    • Training
    • Wage & Hour
    • Workplace Safety
    • Wrongful Discharge/Termination

Some of our attorneys’ most recent and relevant achievements include:

  • The dismissal of an ADA lawsuit via summary judgment which was subsequently affirmed by the US Circuit Court for the First Circuit.
  • The dismissal of a same sex sexual harassment lawsuit against a stateside retailer which was among the first of its kind in the Island.
  • The dismissal following an arbitration hearing of several charges involving wrongful termination, discrimination and retaliation against a stateside retailer.
  • Successful outcomes in the handling of discrimination charges and lawsuits, an impressive record in obtaining No Probable Cause Determinations in discrimination charges before the EEOC and its local counterpart, the UAD.
  • The successful handling of several workforce reductions that resulted in no legal action against the employers from any of the terminated employees.
  • The adaptation of employee manual, policies and procedures of several retailers and other companies making their entry into the Puerto Rico market.