Financing and Real Estate

In the field of real estate and financing Puerto Rico has a mixed background based on a civil law system and common law principles.  Our Registry of Property and mortgage laws follow the Spanish system while we have adopted UCC Code standards to secured transactions.  Moreover, Puerto Rico has a Notarial Law of Spanish origin which differs significantly from common law notarial practice in that it is extremely regulated and imposes a greater responsibility being that he is not merely an observer who is only required to ascertain the identity of the parties and the authenticity of their signatures, but is responsible for the drafting of the documents to be executed before him and of advising the parties of all legal requirements.  A Notary Public in Puerto Rico must be a licensed attorney who passes a separate bar exam on Notarial Law.

Our attorneys have ample experience in the field of real estate and financing transactions and have been actively involved in the negotiation and structuring of complex real estate projects, including acquisitions, of both commercial and residential projects, representing lenders and developers.

Specific services provided within this area of practice are:

    • Collateralization of Loans
    • Commercial Lending
    • Construction Disputes and Litigation
    • Construction Loans
    • Consumer Lending
    • Foreclosure Proceedings and Litigation
    • Notarial Law
    • Permanent Financing and Mortgage Loans
    • Planning, Permitting, Development, Sales and Delivery of Commercial and Residential Projects
    • Real Estate Closings
    • Refinancing
    • Revolving Credit Facilities

Some of our attorneys’ most relevant achievements include:

  • Serving as local counsel for a financial institution on a multi-million dollar loan for the refinancing of one of the Island’s largest shopping centers.
  • Serving as lead counsel to the developer in the acquisition, planning, development, construction, sale and delivery of one of the largest communities with residential, commercial and office components in the Island.
  • Serving, as local counsel, to both stateside and local financing institutions in the financing of the acquisition of several shopping centers and other commercial properties in the Island
  • Serving as Notary Public in the purchase and sale of commercial, industrial and residential units.
  • Serving as counsel for one of the largest local banks in handling over $45M of foreclosure cases.